Gourd of the Beans: the Ultimate Underdog Adventure!

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The Classic Adventure Game Returns

The visceral command-line experience and state-of-the-art 3D graphics [circa 1985] are back! No quest logs, only your wits to guide you in your adventure!

Comedy at Every Turn

A Lord of the Rings parody filled with hilarious pop culture references that you, the nostalgic gamer, are sure to appreciate! Comedy lurks everywhere it possibly can!

Re-mixing up your Feelings of Nostalgia

Gourd of the Beans has been filled with 8-bit re-mixes of classic video game music. See how many songs you can recognize!

Beautiful Original Artwork in 16 Colors

It really doesn’t get much better than this, folks!  Seriously, we have literally reached the limits of what can be accomplished with 16 colors and this pixel size!

We are Jolly Roger Epic Productions

We've got something just for you:

Gourd of the Beans is a completely free and fully completed old-school adventure game and Lord of the Rings parody that is absolutely full of hilarity.

... And we would love to make a sequel, but only if folks like you show their interest in resurrecting this visceral command-prompt driven old-school adventure game experience! The kickstarter is LIVE! Go to it now! 


If you loved King's Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, and/or Quest for Glory from Sierra's "golden age of adventure games", we are certain that you are going to love Gourd of the Beans! And if you missed out on the golden age, now's your chance to experience it!

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Screenshots from Gourd of the Beans

Adventure awaits you in Middle-teen Earth!