About - Jolly Roger Epic Productions

Who We Are

So a dentist, a physicist, and a nuclear engineer walk into a bar and... Jolly Roger Epic Productions!

It's not a joke... well, except for the "walk into a bar" part (we don't generally frequent bars -- it's just not our thing)... so I guess you could say 22% or 15% of it IS a joke depending on whether you count by words or characters, respectively.

We actually are composed of a dentist, a physicist, and a nuclear engineer.  We are also brothers.  And we chartered Jolly Roger Epic Productions because we all have a shared vision of making the world a jollier place through games and apps... and we believe we have what it takes to make that happen.

Our assets: A few computers, a few reasonably reliable internet connections, a few quirky senses of humor, a physicist who is an amazing programmer, a dentist who is an awesome pixel artist, a nuclear engineer who is an astonishingly good quality assurance guru who also took a marketing class once, a lot of nostalgic passion for the good ol’ games, and a 10’ pole (never leave home without one!).




Alan is a programmer with many years of experience, beginning with creating PASCAL games in high school (why did they teach PASCAL??? It was the year 2000 for Pete’s sake!!!) and on into his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and many years of programming professionally and as a hobby (most especially in the realm of Ultima Online freeshard development -- on Rel Por and Ultima Online Forever). Alan’s most notable accomplishment -- after programming Gourd of the Beans -- is being the 2nd (and most recent) person in the world to kill the real Lord British inside of the Ultima Online world.




Dan is a dentist by trade and amazing pixel artist on the side.  If you can imagine it, Dan can make a “reasonable” representation of it in the stellar 16 color palette monster pixels of classic adventure games.  His love for envisioning and creating scenes, places, and sprites was what started this whole mess in the first place.



Quality Assurance Guru & Marketing

Some guy off the street, who was given a $5 bill to find all the weaknesses in the gameplay. Ben is a nuclear engineer by day and play test guinea pig by night.  Ben also took an online marketing class once. It was free.