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Bug Exterminated!

If you want a fixed version of Gourd of the Beans: and unplanned adventure, then re-download and re-install the game.  You can keep your .sg files and retain your saved games from the previous version.  Simply put the .sg files […]


Annoying Bug in GotB I Detected!

A bug detected and reported on found that saving in the displayed screen in the Dark woods makes the Save game unusable.  Move on to the next screen and save the game there.  We are looking into the bug.  […]


Final Hours on Kickstarter…

Thank you for the support during the funding campaign!   With only a few dozen hours remaining, the prospect of the funding campaign being unsuccessful is all too apparent.  We have learned from it, and have been impressed by all the […]


Vote on Steam Greenlight!

We have uploaded the Gourd of the Beans game to Steam Greenlight!  We already have many positive comments and supporters there.  Check out this campaign by clicking the button below.   It takes a Steam account, but signing up is […]


Kickstarter Launched!

We are excited to have launched the funding campaign for a push to revitalize these classic games.  A new generation needs to feel the pain of typing a dozen commands and then finally realizing that the most vague answer “use […]