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UO : Rel Por Server Extension!

Ultima Online is still alive! Due to all the support the Server has been paid for through 2017.  The Shard is here to stay.  If you are new to the game check it out at: Be sure to download […]


Rel Por UO Freeshard Launch Announced!

Coming soon! Alan has been hard at work getting the final customization and bugs worked out for the shard.  For an Ultima Online shard, Rel Por has many of the customization features that make for a great gaming environment.  The […]


UO Freeshard Programming Playlist

Alan has a series of various programming videos he’s put together for UO devs and interested parties.  Check on one of his channels: ItWouldBeWise Stay tuned for more action and gaming developments coming soon!


UO Freeshard Programming Videos!

Watch Alan program the “Loot System” and give advice for programming and setting up your own Ultima Online Freeshard. Click Here to check them out on YouTube!


Live Programming – UO Freeshard Devs – Handling Loot

Alan is live streaming his recent programming work for the Rel Por server to simplify Loot Tables.  9pm Eastern Time today September 9th, 2015.  Check out his work on Check it out here! YouTube Video In case you missed […]