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Final Hours on Kickstarter…

Thank you for the support during the funding campaign!   With only a few dozen hours remaining, the prospect of the funding campaign being unsuccessful is all too apparent.  We have learned from it, and have been impressed by all the support we have received.  We remain dedicated to make these games happen!

Backer Rewards

To show our appreciation to all those who came out to back us on kickstarter, were are offering to each Backer:

  • Digital Avatars from GotB: an unplanned adventure.
  • A Digital game poster for GotB: an unplanned adventure.
  • An Exclusive kickstarter Edition GotB: an unplanned adventure Hint Book.

Backers will receive instructions regarding how to get receive these consolation rewards soon.

Steam Greenlight Continues

Remember our Steam Greenlight Campaign remains ongoing.  Click the green button to go to the Greenlight Project.

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  • Ben
    Aug 27, 2015 @ 5:00 am

    The rewards have been sent out. If anyone has not received theirs, please re-send your e-mail request. Some of the Kickstarter Backers didn’t send a request. You are still at liberty to do so and receive your rewards as well!


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