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Gourd of the Beans: An Unplanned Adventure

– The Game –

Several Ages ago on Middle-teen-earth a person known as a hoddit embarked on a dangerous and hazardous quest.  Frobo Baddins, abused charity case and alleged village idiot with a simple view of the world is about to save it, or die trying…again…and again…and again.  Let’s face it that is the way it goes in these classic adventure stories.  Fortunately for the little guy, the fates gave him an undo button (sort of like that movie with the aliens and/or groundhog).

– Legal Mumbo Jumbo –

The Game is free, and provided without warranties or guarantees.  In case it is not blatantly obvious, it also is a parody of many elements of popular culture and not-so popular culture.  The parody takes many forms from situational, graphic representation, or direct literary spoof.  Representations of persons, places, or things that are real or imagined is intentional to add to the entertainment value of the work.

– The Story –

Many moons ago deep in the land of More-door (which holds the record for the biggest door in the world — the Black Door of More-door… though it’s not black anymore due to budget cuts, low-quality paint, and sun-bleaching)  an evil force created a Gourd within which was spawned One Bean that could regulate them all.  Its power laid waste to the Armies of Men and Smorks at Enry’s Mead hall.  Unfortunately, The Heir to the Throne at Gone-door, Missile-dor, took the One Bean for it’s power that would let him rule the world.  But it was cursed that all who touched it would meet a violent death.  He and his men were ambushed in the Gladdening Meals Pub, where the bean fell through a crack in the floor.  To be discovered by one of the most unlikely creatures. an ‘ermit named ‘enry.  He happened to have burrowed beneath the said establishment and discovered, cooked and ate the one bean.  Its powers became self-evident, He quickly laid waste to the eatery’s stocks, and he moved from place to place devouring as he went.  Bildo Baddins discovered the poor half-wit and discovered the bean after it betrayed ‘Enry.  Bildo used its powers to circumnavigate the Still-single mountain and bypass a Fire Breathing Chicken named Grog.  After the Battle of Five Arms, Bildo returned with a small fortune to his residence at Old Bag in Hodditon.  There he remained until his hundred and sumteenth birthday party… where our adventure begins.

– Frequently Asked Questions –

Q: How was this game made?
A: Using the New Adventure Game Interpreter (NAGI) and some tools that help in development of such games, most notably AGIStudio and WinAGI.

Q: The game fails to start, what’s wrong?
A: The only reason we have found for the game not working is in the case of a touch-screen computer with no mouse plugged into it. For some reason the game chokes because it tries to treat the touch screen as a mouse. If you plug in a USB mouse then you should be able to start the game (Sidenote: the same issue occurs with DOSBox)

Q: Can I make the screen larger?
A: We will be seeking ScummVM support, which makes it possible to run the game in full-screen mode. You may also be able to Right-click the Shortcut => Compatability => check the “Run in 640×480 Resolution”, but the result depends on your computer setup and often is not ideal. If our Kickstarter succeeds, we will be creating a brand new old-school adventure game engine in Unity3D (for portability across many platforms) that will overcome this limitation… and also enable you to create your own adventure games without coding!